We hold Nutrition Challenges periodically for members. Your initial body composition will be measured using calipers. After 4 weeks, the winner is announced as the person who lost the most body fat as a percentage of their starting weight. Motivate each other to shed body fat and put muscle on through talking to each other about what’s working and what isn’t. Eating for performance is much different than eating for other purposes.



To help you with good nutrition habits we sell Steve’s Paleo Goods including Paleo Kits, Paleo Krunch, Paleo Stix, and more. Each purchase helps at-risk youth through education about nutrition and fitness as a tool for motivating kids to succeed.

We are a Custom Fit Meals pick-up location. Order your pre-cooked clean meals online by Tuesday night and pick them up in the CFM fridge in the gym on the following Monday morning. Since the meals are fresh the meals for the second half of the week are delivered on Wednesday.

The Best Bar Ever is truly the best protein bar ever. Full of fresh clean ingredients the bars have a 30 day shelf life in the refrigerator and make a great meal on the run.

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Recovery is an important part of nutrition. We stock Progenex recovery products such as Recovery (whey protein), Cocoon (casein protein), Omega (fish oil), and Force (pre-workout supplement).

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