CrossFit Chantilly helps you meet your goals

Your coaches can help you set specific, measurable, attainable, reasonable, and timely goals. We will also map out a plan to help you achieve your goals, and then set new ones.

Will I get injured in CrossFit? You might. But you might get injured walking down the stairs in your house. CrossFit is a sport and like any sport, there are risks involved. However, the risk involved in doing CrossFit is no bigger than the risk involved in any other sport. There may actually be less risk in CrossFit since it is not a contact sport. There is a big difference between CrossFit classes offered in a CrossFit affiliate with classes lead by CrossFit Trainers, and CrossFit competitions where there are no Trainers, only judges. Trainers are leading classes and always watching to ensure safety standards are met. Our CrossFit Trainers are not cheerleaders – they are not there to motivate you through a workout. The athletes working out next to you will motivate you and cheer you on. Your Trainer will coach you through the workout safely. If at any time you don’t feel comfortable, your coach will help you scale or change the movements to your comfort level.


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CrossFit W.O.D.s

The regular classes include a programmed warm-up, focused mobility work, a workout, and strength and core work. The coach will take you through each element on the whiteboard.