Tuesday, 6/30/2015


5 Rounds:
10 Handstand Push-Up
Run 200 meters

Alternating Tabata Holds/Superman Holds

Post your results to the comment section.


  One thought on “Tuesday, 6/30/2015

  1. Canadian Brian Eh
    June 30, 2015 at 5:54 am

    I love cake. But I really love eating cake with friends. Will you eat cake with me? Oh, if you don’t like cake, we could always just go rollerblading in the park. I’ll wear my spandex shorts, and no shirt. You can wear anything……or nothing at all. It’s a date!

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  2. Canadian Brian Eh
    June 30, 2015 at 5:57 am

    This is what I get for using the public computer.


  3. Coach Matt
    June 30, 2015 at 6:18 am

    I was so hungry last night. And it was really hot outside. So, when I got to the gym to coach, I took my shirt off, grabbed a beer, sat on a plyo box and ate my whole rotisery chicken without any utensils. just me, my beer, and a greasy chicken. Good news is, my chest hair doubles as a bib.


    • @TheRealCoachMatt
      July 1, 2015 at 2:54 pm

      It was delicious!


  4. June 30, 2015 at 6:54 am

    10:30 Rx’d 😊

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  5. Valerie
    June 30, 2015 at 3:28 pm

    Dying laughing y’all…


  6. Canadian Brian Eh
    June 30, 2015 at 5:59 pm

    8:40 @ RX

    Core completed.

    50 cal row


  7. June 30, 2015 at 9:57 pm

    WOD: 9:44, HSPUs off box

    Back squats: 5-3-2-2, 65#, 85#, 115#, 135#
    Ready to try my 1RM. It’s been a while.


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