Competitors, Week of 4/6/2015

1 Rep Max Bench Press

Sca p Jacked: Pick a side of the board and spend 15 minutes (or more if you have time) completing as much of the board as possible.

With a Partner:
4 Rounds:
Athlete 1 rows 250 meters. Try to maintain the same pace each round.
Athlete 2 does as many wall balls as possible (30#/20#; 10’/9′) – if you cannot get at least 5 wall balls without resting, go down in weight. Try to match your reps each round.
Switch after each 250 meter row. Each person rows twice.

Overhead Squat: 5×3 (Start light, and go up in weight for each set. End at a heavy weight.)

Alternating EMOM for 8 minutes:
10 walking lunge steps with dumbbells overhead
20 GHD Sit-Ups

1 rep max box squat with safety squat bar (ask a coach for help. This is way different than a normal back squat with straight bar).

Snatch from blocks (or plates) above the knee:

Clean from blocks above the knee: 7×1

Row: 1,000 meters, 750 meters, 500 meters, 250 meters
Rest 1:1


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