Competitors, Week of 12/8/2014

5×5 Box Squat @ 55% of 1 rep max

7×1 Snatch High Pull

1k meter row

5×2 Cleans from blocks (mid-thigh)

5×5 Bench Press @ 60% of 1RM

15 minutes of handstand walk practice (or HSPUs if you don’t have those – work with a coach if possible)

5×3 Front Squat w/ 3 second pause at the bottom of 3rd rep of each set. No bounce out of the bottom. Heavier than last week.

5×5 weighted ring dips @ 50% of 1RM from 2 weeks ago. If you can’t complete all 5 reps go down to 40% and make sure to specify that you went down in weight when you post to the blog.

1 Rep Max Squat Clean

1 Rep Max Squat Snatch


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