Competitors – Week of 10/20/2014

Lots of max efforts this week. Consider it a testing week. Go heavy or go home!

1 Rep Max Back Squat

5×2 Snatch High Pulls

ME 1k row

Bench Press 5×3 @ 75% of 1RM

15 minutes of pull-up practice. If you don’t have strict pull-ups do 3×8 scapular retractions then 3x ME UB strict pull-ups on a band. If you do have strict, work on stringing kipping together. If you have kipping, work on kipping C2B, then butterfly chin-over-bar, then butterlfly C2B.

3x ME UB Ring Dips (no weight, minimum 5 min rest between sets)

3x ME UB HSPU (no deficit, kipping allowed, UB means you do not come off the wall. Hands must remain flat on the floor during your attempt. Minimum 5 minute rest between sets)

3RM Push Press

Squat Snatch:
3×1 @ 60%
2×1 @ 65%
2×1 @ 70%
3×1 @ 75%

8 Rounds:
100 meter sprint
100 meter recovery run
Rest 30 seconds

7×1 Sumo Deadlift @ 90% of 1RM

Squat Clean:
3×1 @ 60%
2×1 @ 65%
2×1 @ 70%


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