Competitors – Week of 9/22/2014


5×3 Power Snatch – heaviest possible without letting the bar go for all 3 reps; catch at hips and regrip if necessary; go up during sets or stick with a weight

Smolov Jr. W1D1 Back Squat 6×6 @ 70% of 1RM (rest as needed between sets)

5×5 Weighted Ring Dips (use the same weight as last week)


6×2 Sumo Deadlift @ 75% of 1RM

4 Rounds of 800 meter run – pace should be same as your 800m pace from your 1 mile run last week
1:1 rest; complete 15 burpee box jumps (24″/20″)


1RM Bench Press

Smolov Jr. W1D2 Back Squat: 7×5 @ 75% of 1RM

15 minutes of HSPU practice


Smolov Jr. W1D3 Back Squat: 8×4@80% of 1RM

15 minutes of muscle-up practice. If you have MUs, go for ME Strict UB, ME non-false grip UB, etc. If you don’t have them, use this progression: 5 muscle-up transitions from low rings; 5 muscle-up transitions with feet on a box from low rings; 5 strict chest-to-bar pull-ups (they don’t have to be unbroken); 5 jumping muscle-ups on higher rings; 5 long lever swings from high rings (feet should not touch the floor, use box to step off of if needed); 5 muscle-up attempts. Video if possible and send to me or post.


Smolov Jr. W1D4 Back Squat: 8×4@85% of 1RM

Max distance run in 10 minutes; rest 2 minutes; repeat


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