Sunday, 9/14/2014

Post PRs, Strength, Mobility, etc. to comments.


  One thought on “Sunday, 9/14/2014

  1. September 14, 2014 at 11:36 am

    Practiced DUs…still not stringing them together but getting there…

    5×3 weighted RDs @ 18# (PR!) (got 1rep @ 25# another PR!!)

    5×1 squat cleans @ 78# (not sure my max, so I did a weight that would be challenging but doable). Went up to 83# after my set–PR!! 😊

    3×1 min ME L pull-ups
    7, 5, 6 = 18 total

    5×2 squat snatch 35#
    Really struggled with this which is why I went so light. Still working on getting into the squat as I go rather than overhead squatting at the end of the rep. I was able to do it but not consistently.
    Squat cleans were on point but squat snatch needs work!!!!!

    Great to see the Lipscombs!!! And Kira as always 😊


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