In-House Competition & Nutrition Challenge

We had a very successful weekend at CrossFit Chantilly. To commemorate the end of another Nutrition Challenge, we held our first (of many) In-House Competition. We structured the competition like any “fitness” competition (because we can’t call it a CrossFit Competition) and invited our members to come compete for free. Really, you do this every time you come to the gym. Well, kind of. The difference is that you are judging yourselves, instead of having someone else watch and count your reps, and you don’t have anyone handing out “no reps”. When you workout in a class you are responsible for handing out your own “no reps” to yourself.

How many of you redo reps that you know wouldn’t count in a competition setting? I encourage everyone to take reps away from yourself if they are questionable. We recently did a workout involving a buy-in and cash-out 400 meter run and a bunch of handstand push-ups and ring dips in between. I remember having to redo 2 handstand push-ups because my heels were not on the wall when I completed my rep (I kipped, and kipped away from the wall). I did not demonstrate control at the top of my rep. I was mad at myself for making that mistake. Especially in a workout when fatigue was a big factor. No one would have known if I kept going as if they were good reps. No one, except for me. When I workout, whether by myself or in a class, I want to know that I met the standards set forth. Even if I scale, which I’ve done quite a bit lately due to the disc injury I sustained in June, I want to do the work and do it correctly.

The In-House Competition was great experience for many people who have thought about competing. I hope you will all consider competing at some level in the near future, even if it’s one of our In-House Competitions.

I didn’t get to bed until after 1 a.m. last night because I was on a CrossFit high. I’ve been on CrossFit highs before, and a lot of you know exactly what I’m talking about. But, this was the first time I’ve ever experienced that feeling, without having worked out at all. I was so pumped by all the work that was done yesterday. There were so many PRs in the 1 rep max clean event. The competitors surprised themselves in most cases. We had one athlete hit a 50 pound PR. Yes, 50 pounds!


We’ve run several Nutrition Challenges at CFC, but this one had a unique outcome. First of all, this is the first time that we didn’t experience significant loss in the majority. No one really gained any fat, if you take into account the margin of error in measuring. But, very few people lost a significant amount. This is not a bad thing. We are in the middle of summer, with vacations, and lazy summer nights, hanging out with friends, and possibly partaking in adult beverages. So to maintain current levels of muscle is a good thing. That’s one of the reasons we held a summer nutrition challenge this year, as opposed to having one just before summer, when you are motivated by the upcoming swim suit season. We have also, historically had challenges leading up to the holidays, when people are motivated, knowing that they will most likely experience a little slide downward during the holidays.

The second part that makes this challenge very unique, is for the first time ever, one of our winners, Kira Saiban, actually gained weight. That’s right – the winner gained 2 pounds, but her body fat went down quite a bit. She has put in a lot of extra work lately, participating in the extra Strength workouts that are prescribed for competitors, and she cleaned up her diet quite a bit. Considering she is vegan, cleaning up her diet was not an easy task. But this goes to show that no matter what your lifestyle choices are, being lean and strong are possible!

The winner for the men was obvious. You’ve all noticed that Jason Y. leaned out significantly over the past month. I actually measured him twice because I was in a little bit disbelief at just how much he had lost.

Keep in mind that there is a margin of error with calipers. You may be much higher if you go get a more accurate test done. But, for the purposes of this challenge, as long as the same person tested you in the same way, we can assume the challenge results were consistent.

Let’s get ready for a new week of WODs and PRs!


  One thought on “In-House Competition & Nutrition Challenge

  1. August 24, 2014 at 8:22 pm

    Congrats all….especially Kira & Jason! Great job!


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